Radiator Repairs Stockport

Got a broken or unresponsive radiator?

Need a professional repair company??

Then Blackshaw Plumbing Services can help, our team of professional plumber and heating engineers can help with any repairs that you may need doing.

During the winter months people rely on their radiators to warm their radiators to warm their homes to keep away the cold chills and keep in the warmth. Unfortunately with the summer just passed a lot of radiators will not have been used for 4-6 months which can be the cause of a number of issues when turning it back on in the Winter. Luckily here at Blackshaw Plumbing our teams are able to provide our customers with professional radiator repairs Stockport.

If you are having trouble with your radiators please contact our team on: 01614 370 327.

Shower Installation Stockport

If you have purchased a new shower or would like to get a new unit installed then contact us, we are able to provide professional shower installation Stockport. We are able to undertake all aspects of bathroom and kitchen modifications including complete redesigns and installations.

Shower Repair Stockport

If your shower is not functioning properly or has stopped working altogether then one of our team will be happy to come out to help. Our team are always fully equipped to handle most problems and can usually provide a solution to the problem there and then. If extra parts are needed as long as we have the part in stock we will do our best to be back with you within the hour to complete the job.

If you are interested in our shower installation or shower repair Stockport then please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Radiator repairs Stockport | Shower installation Stockport | Shower repair Manchester

Radiator Repairs Stockport, Shower Repairs Stockport,

Shower Installation Stockport

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